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Employer Resources

These links, videos, and downloadable resources will help support you in becoming an inclusive employer.

Building an Inclusive Workspace

Business Case

The Business Case for Inclusive Hiring and Workplace

Understand the many business benefits of inclusive hiring, including increased productivity, higher retention rates and improved company culture.

What is the Business Case for Diversity

Watch this video to learn why hiring a diverse workforce has significant economic, social and cultural benefits for your company.

Customized Employment Success Stories

Check out a variety of customized employment success stories including business results and return on investments. Customizing your roles encourages buy-in from employees and collaboration.

Inclusive Behaviour and Language
Tips for Employers: Language and Disability Access this practical guide for helpful ways to change how you use language in your workplace. This handout includes helpful replacements for common and possibly offensive terms. Inclusive Language Guide: Persons with Disabilities Use this comprehensive guide to discover a variety of disability terms, tips for referring to people with disabilities and easy alternative words and phrases you can use instead. HR Inclusive Policy Toolkit: Communications This video will help you tailor how you communicate with employees through email, in person, or on your website, so that you are inclusive of everyone. Workplace Culture Create a strong company culture using these helpful tips like building relationships, communicating company values, supporting your staff’s opinions, goal setting and celebrating successes. Respect in the Workplace Policy Checklist Use this checklist to create a respectful workplace policy that promotes healthy behaviours and prevents harassment and discrimination.
Workplace Accommodations

A Manager’s Guide to Reasonable Accommodation
This extensive guide explains the duty to accommodate your employees with disabilities, your responsibility as an employer and the steps required to put it into action. Workplace Accommodation Guide
Accommodations for employees with disabilities aren’t expensive or complicated. This guide details what’s myth and what’s fact about accommodations, as well as practical examples you can implement. Examples of Workplace Accommodation
This extensive list shares the many small and big accommodations you can make for your employees. It’s not just physical workplace adaptations, but accessibility supports for communication, workflow and training. The Duty to Accommodate – How Far Do You Have to Go?
This video supports HR teams in determining if accommodations are possible, and how far an employer should go to support their employees. Determining a Bona Fide Occupational Requirement This toolkit will help you assess the occupational requirements of a position, determine whether accommodations are possible and understand your rights regarding dismissing an employee.

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Inclusive Recruitment and Hiring

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Inclusive Job Ads

HR Inclusive Policy Toolkit: Job Postings
Job postings are your first interaction with a potential new hire. This video explains how to create inclusive job descriptions and job ads to expand your talent pool. Template for Writing an Inclusive Job Posting
These templates can help you create an effective and encompassing inclusion statement for your company. You can customize and collaborate with your team for clarity. Inclusion Statement Template
Following this easy-to-use job posting template can increase the number of qualified applicants for your open positions and help attract new talent to your company. Inclusive Language in Job Descriptions
Ensure your job postings don’t deter applicants by using the neutral, inclusive and supportive terms found in this guide. Inclusive Job Description Tips Use this quick checklist to verify your job postings are inclusive, evaluate required skills and ensure it was edited to remove potential biases.

Inclusive Interviews
HR Inclusive Policy Toolkit: Interviewing Remove barriers and biases in your interview process by following the advice in this video. This makes it easier to interview qualified people with disabilities who might not have been considered. Interview Questions: What You Can and Cannot Ask Knowing what you can and cannot ask in an interview will give you the confidence to hold an inclusive interview without worrying about saying the wrong thing. Tips for Interviewing People with Disabilities Tips in this toolkit will help you confidently conduct an inclusive interview that is sensitive to the needs of people with disabilities. Modified Interview Questions for Neurodiversity Modifying your interviews with neurodiverse candidates by asking specific questions found in this toolkit will help them fully demonstrate their strengths and abilities. Inclusive Interview Checklist Answering the questions in this checklist before each interview is an easy way to ensure you’re inclusively interviewing people with disabilities.
Inclusive Onboarding Practices

Orientation and Onboarding
This comprehensive toolkit details how to successfully onboard someone on their first day and within their first 30 days on the job. How to Design Inclusive Onboarding Strategies from Day One
Being prepared for new hires with an inclusive onboarding strategy outlined in this article will speed up their training time and help them become productive much faster. HR Inclusive Policy Toolkit: Orientation & Onboarding
Advice in this article will help put your ideas for inclusive onboarding into practice, and it includes sample policies you can enact in your workplace. 4 Tips for Making Remote Onboarding More Inclusive
Onboarding for remote positions is different than in-workplace onboarding. This tipsheet will make your onboarding more inclusive for remote workers. 5 Steps for Neuroinclusive Onboarding Onboarding neurodiverse people and people with disabilities may require a tailored approach. These steps will help you complete the onboarding process in a way that meets everyone’s needs.

Supporting Employees

Mental Health

Checklist for Mentally Healthy Workplaces
This checklist details how employers can become aware of, accommodate and assist their employees with mental health challenges. Psychological Safety in Practice: A Guidebook for Managers
The tips, insights and exercises in this guidebook will help managers create a mentally healthy and supportive workplace. Psychologically Healthy and Safe Workplaces
Knowing how to create a psychologically healthy and safe workplace will help avoid complications or issues if an employee experiences a mental health issue at work. What to Say About Mental Health
This list of tips and phrasing will help you speak thoughtfully and compassionately with your employees about their mental health. Promoting Employee Mental Health Promoting mental health in the workplace using this toolkit will help your employees feel valued and increase their likelihood of staying with your business longer.

Job Supports

How to Create a Mentorship Program at Work
This article explains the various types of peer mentorship, enabling you to tailor a program that meets the needs of your workplace and employees. Checklist for Successful Mentoring Program
This checklist ensures that you are ready to launch and maintain your new peer mentorship program to support your employees. Do’s and Don’ts of Peer Mentorship
This toolkit lists what a successful mentor does and doesn’t do in a mentorship program, including behaviours, expectations and actions. The Job Customization Process
Following this process can modify existing roles to be more productive and carve out space where an employee with disabilities can thrive. What is Job Carving? This video illustrates how the job carving process empowers companies to craft roles and opportunities for employees with disabilities who might otherwise have been overlooked.

Addressing Workplace Conflict

Examples of Disability Microaggressions in Everyday Life
Understanding and avoiding the microaggression examples in this article will improve the well-being and productivity of your employees with disabilities and your entire staff. Dealing with bullying and workplace conflict: Guide for managers
This guide details how managers can proactively identify, address and resolve workplace conflict while also preventing it from starting in the first place. 5 Workplace Conflict Examples – And How to Handle Them
These examples will help you handle common workplace conflicts and ensure your employees feel safe and supported at work. How to resolve workplace conflicts: A guide for managers
Read this guide to understand how managers can address and resolve workplace conflict in a healthy and productive way. 5 Steps to Manage Conflict Between Team Members The steps in this video show you how to bring workplace conflict to a quick and positive resolution, while also implementing changes to prevent conflict from happening again.

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