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Job Seeker Resources

These helpful links, videos, and downloadable resources will help you find a job and thrive in it.

Finding the Right Job

Identifying Inclusive Employers

Video LinkFind Inclusive Employers

In this video, you will learn easy ways to determine if you are applying with an inclusive employer. Use these tips during your job search!

 Asking the Right Questions

Know which questions an employer can legally ask about your disability. Download this resource to see the questions you might be asked and the questions you can ignore.

 How to Spot an Inclusive Workplace

The inclusive workplace is just as important as an inclusive employer. These pointers will help you find a respectful work environment committed to inclusivity.

Choosing an inclusive employer ensures you will be welcomed and accommodated. This information will help you recognize the signs that an employer is inclusive.

Finding a Job

Job Searching When You Have an Invisible Disability

This video focuses on students, but it can help anyone with an invisible disability learn how to find the right job opportunity.

 The Inclusive Employers Hiring HUB Job Board

Use this job board to find inclusive job opportunities that can be accommodated to suit your needs.

 Government of Canada Inclusive Job Board

This federal job board can help you find inclusive job opportunities anywhere in the country.


Finding Your Strengths

Turn Your Disability into a Strength

Consider your strengths and how they can apply to your job search. This video will help you present your strengths to employers in a new way.

Use these examples to show employers the valuable workplace skills you have gained through living with a disability.

 Addressing Gaps in Your Resume

Having gaps in your resume is okay. This resource will show you how to use gaps to present relevant skills and experience to employers.

This article shares helpful ways that job seekers with disabilities can market themselves to employers, including how to show examples of strengths and address gaps in employment.

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Finding the Right Fit

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Disclosing Your Disability

When to Disclose Your Disability

This video will help you understand when to disclose your disability and how to address this very personal issue.

Sharing Medical Information

Even if you disclose your disability, your employer is not entitled to all of your medical information. This video discusses what your employer can and cannot ask about your medical history.

Disclosing your disability to an employer can be difficult. This guide will provide answers to many common questions about disclosure.

 What to Say When Disclosing Your Disability

Download these scripts to practice disclosing your disability to employers. Use them to guide disclosure conversations in your job search or on the job.

Disclosing a non-apparent disability can be an especially difficult choice. This resource will help you decide if disclosure is right for you, and how to do it.

Workplace Accommodations

 Responsibility in Accommodations

Employers have a responsibility to provide reasonable accommodations, and employees have a responsibility to cooperate. Download this resource for more information.

 Find the Right Accommodation for You

There are many possible accommodations you can request from your employer. Download this list to see common accommodations that may support you in your job role.

These realistic examples of accommodations may help you with your own situation. If it is helpful, you can share these examples with an employer!

Asking For Accommodations
Mistakes to Avoid When Asking for Accommodations

This video describes three important mistakes to avoid when asking your employer for an accommodation.

 How to Ask Your Boss for an Accommodation

Asking your employer for an accommodation can be nerve-wracking. These scripts will help you clearly and respectfully ask your employer for an accommodation.

 WorkBC Assistive Technology Services

Research shows employers often worry about the cost of accommodations. However, WorkBC may be able to provide you and your employer funding to help with your required accommodation!

 Neil Squire Society

The Neil Squire Society works with individuals and employers to find suitable workplace accommodations, and can be a dependable resource for accommodation information.

 Requesting a Workplace Accommodation

Here are some tips to help you request a workplace accommodation. Watch this video to learn how better communicate your needs to your supervisor.

Finding the Right Supports

Support on the Job

These tips will help you positively address and resolve issues of discrimination in the workplace.

Continued job success is important once you have found an inclusive workplace. These tips will help you thrive in the workplace once you’ve found an inclusive and accommodating role.

This link will teach you to build up your self-confidence, be adaptable, and advocate for yourself when faced with challenges in the workplace.

Thriving on the Job

Coping with Stress and Anger

Workplaces can be stressful, and unmanaged stress can create problems. This video provides some easy and effective ways to cope with stress and anger at work.

How to Build Resilience

Resilience will help you handle difficult times in the workplace. In this video, you will learn helpful tips for building up your resilience.

Resolving Workplace Conflict

Conflict can happen even in inclusive workplaces. This video will help you become a valued employee with strategies for preventing and resolving conflict.

Workplace Conflict Scenarios

Watch these examples of workplace conflict to learn how to recognize conflicts in your own workplace and how to successfully address the situation.

 Being an Assertive Communicator

Assertive communication helps you get your point across quickly and clearly. This resource will help you learn assertive communication while avoiding passive or aggressive communication.

Funding and Training

Find Training and Resources to Boost Your Job-Applicable Skills

This playlist of quick videos presents the different free services that WorkBC can offer you in your job search.

Download this resource for helpful information on the benefits that job seekers with disabilities can collect for transportation, training, clothing, and more.

If you rely on PWD benefits, you can still receive benefits you are entitled to if you find an inclusive job. Follow this link to learn more.

 WorkBC and How It Can Help You Find a Job

WorkBC is a resource you can rely on for guidance when finding a job and learning what opportunities are available.

This program will help you find a mentor who can provide hands-on assistance and answer your questions about jobs you want

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