Job Description

This section outlines the role.

We have a variety of positions on Vancouver Island which include: casual, part-time, temporary, and full-time.

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About Island Health

Our commitment is to offer innovative and quality health care through professional development and research. We believe that strong relationships and community partnerships will assist us in supporting healthier and stronger communities and a better quality of life for our community members.

As we strive to meet the increasing demands on our health care system, our network of dedicated employees, physicians, volunteers, stakeholders and community partners are working to offer innovative and culturally safe care.

We offer health care services health services to more than 850,000 residents of Vancouver Island and adjacent coastal communities through hospitals, clinics, health centres, community-based health units, long term care and assisted living facilities.

As the largest employer on Vancouver Island, we employ 27,000 staff, 2,400 physician partners as well as hosting more than 2,500 volunteers.

Job Commitments

This section outlines the commitment expected of a successful applicant.

Job Type & Location

This job is offered under the following conditions:


Job Types

Full Time

30 hours a week or more and ongoing.

Part Time

Less than 30 hours a week and ongoing.


The job has a set end date.

Working Locations


Work on-site at the business location.


This job offers the following hours, schedules and shifts:

Weekly Hours Range

2 40

hours per week

Schedule Types

Fixed Hours

Hours will be set within the hour range by the employer.

Hours Negotiable

The employer is willing to negotiate a consistent schedule within the hour range.

Varies Week-to-Week

Hours change week-to-week within the hour range.

Shift Start Times


Shifts may begin between 4am-7am


Shifts may begin between 7am-11am


Shifts may begin between 11am-4pm


Shifts may begin between 4pm-8pm


Shifts may begin between 8pm-4am


This section outlines the job's remuneration.


This job offers the following wage before taxes and other deductions:

Working on PWD Benefits

If you receive Person With Disabilities Assistance you can earn up to a certain amount after taxes and other deductions without affecting your benefits. For details see Annual earnings exemptions on

Working on CPP Disability Benefits

If you receive Canada Pension Plan disability benefits you must inform Service Canada if earning more than a specific amount per year before taxes and other deductions. Details can be found under the "Doing paid work while receiving CPP disability benefits" heading in Section 5.0 of the Canada Pension Plan disability benefit toolkit.


This job offers the following benefits:




Retirement Plan

Life Insurance

Disability Insurance


This section outlines the job's required capabilities.


Up to 5 lbs pounds

...must be lifted and transported by hand as part of the job.

Physical Position

Negotiable / Flexible

Sitting and standing options are negotiable/flexible, or the job requires a combination of both.


Negotiable / Flexible

The amount and type of multitasking can be negotiated with the employer.

Digital Literacy


This role does not require the use of technology.

Repetitive Tasks


This job involves repetitive tasks and/or the same duties daily.



This job requires critical thinking and independent problem-solving.

Example: resolving a customer complaint within company policy.

Workplace Noise


The position is remote or the workplace is silent.

Support & Guidance


Someone is always available to provide support and guidance.

Team Size

Up to 15 peers peers

...are part of the team this role will work with on a daily basis.

Break Flexibility


Break structure can be determined by the employee within legal boundaries.

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