• $16.75/hour
  • No Benefits
  • On-site Various
  • Part Time
  • Nanaimo, BC, Canada
  • October 25, 2024

Job Description

This section outlines the role.

This position is a Casual (On-call) position. Applications are always welcome.

Job Title: Community Support Worker (CSW)
Classification/Benchmark: Community Support Worker
Grid Level: 10
Responsible To
The Community Support Worker shall report directly to NACL administrative staff as follows:
Casual Employees: Deputy Executive Director (Employee Services)
Staffed Homes: Designated Manager(s) – Director of Operations or Integrated Services
Manager, as appropriate
Community Inclusion Programs: Director of Community Services
Employment Programs: Director of Person Centered Practices/Employment Services
Job Summary
Under the direction of the appropriate Supervisor/Manager as noted above, the Community Support Worker (CSW)
will assist individuals with the activities of daily living including personal, social, physical recreation, vocational,
educational, and environmental needs. The CSW performs all duties in a safe, efficient, and respectful manner in
order to promote choice, independence, and integration for the individuals being served.
The CSW must adhere to the philosophies, policies, and procedures of Nanaimo Association for Community Living,
and in accordance with relevant Legislation and Regulations (i.e. Residential Care Regulations, and the Motor
Vehicle Act).
1. Personal and Health Care:
▪ Supervises or assists individuals with personal and oral hygiene as required.
▪ Provides paramedical procedures with the approval of either a Nursing Consultant, physician, parent, or
caregiver (i.e. administering insulin, blood and/or urine testing).
▪ Dispenses, administers, and safekeeps all medications in accordance with policies and procedures.
▪ Provides health care as directed by a physician (i.e. 2-mile daily power-walk, weekly swimming, exercise
regime, diet adherence, etc.).
2. Intervention Strategies:
▪ Only as necessary, employs specific interventions as outlined in an individual’s Person Centered Plan
and/or Intervention Strategies in accordance with NACL policies and procedures.
▪ Ensures that the legal rights and dignity of persons served are respected and adhered to.
3. Nutrition and Food Service:
▪ Supervises or assists individuals with the planning and preparation of meals, and eating as required (i.e.
cutting up or pureeing food, feeding, etc.).
▪ Maintains balanced menu plans based on the Canada Food Guide.
▪ Maintains records of dietary requirements or needs.
NACL Job Description Community Support Worker (CSW) Page 2 of 3
▪ Maintains knowledge and awareness of and adherence to various diets (i.e. diabetic, low salt, weight
reduction, cholesterol, allergies, etc.).
▪ Supervises or assists individuals in the clean-up after meals and snacks.
4. Recreational, Social, Vocational, and Educational:
▪ Participates in developing, implementing, evaluating, adjusting, and carrying out programs based on an
assessment of the preferences and abilities of persons served, through the evolution of their Person
Centered Plans.
▪ Assists and encourages individuals in maintaining contact with family, friends, volunteers, and advocates
whenever reasonable and possible, in accordance with wishes of the individual.
▪ Provides support and training as identified, requested, or approved.
▪ Prevents unreasonable risks by ensuring that health and safety measures and precautions are in place.
5. Observation, Documentation, and Communication:
▪ Objectively observes and documents accurate information as required about individuals, using
appropriate Person Centered Planning tools (i.e. Learning Logs, Living Descriptions, etc.).
▪ Reports all concerns to their Program Supervisor(s), family, caregiver, CLBC, etc. as required.
▪ Fosters clear and open lines of communication.
▪ Provides reports as requested.
6. Environmental:
▪ Assists (by supporting persons served to complete tasks and/or activities) with all housekeeping chores
and duties, etc. as required on both a regular and as-needed basis.
▪ Maintains equipment and vehicles as required.
▪ Maintains grounds outside the building.
▪ Reports any observed environmental hazards.
7. Financial:
▪ Prepares and submits payroll information, mileage and expense forms, petty cash purchase orders,
receipts, etc. as requested.
▪ Documents individuals’ personal monies and expenditures as required.
8. General:
▪ Maintains current knowledge of all policies and procedures.
▪ Attends staff meetings and in-service sessions whenever possible.
▪ Updates knowledge, practices, and skills as required or requested.
▪ Attends and participates in meetings within or outside the work location as required.
▪ Performs tasks per the duties list, as required, to fulfill program needs.
▪ Performs safety inspections and routines as required (i.e. Class 4 vehicle inspections, fire safety
equipment, and health and safety-related drills).
▪ Provides transportation for persons served as necessary.
▪ Preferred formal education (i.e. Community Support Worker Certificate or equivalent), and work experience
with persons with diversabilities and/or other related experience.
▪ The desire to work with persons with diversabilities and demonstrated personal suitability to promote dignity,
independence, individuality, and spirit.
▪ Must be in good health, and free from communicable diseases.
▪ A high standard of professionalism.
NACL Job Description Community Support Worker (CSW) Page 3 of 3
Conditions of Employment
▪ Valid BC Driver’s License (Class 4 Unrestricted license required within three (3) months of orientation, unless
otherwise indicated).
▪ Criminal Record Search upon commencement of employment and every five (5) years thereafter, providing
clearance to work with vulnerable persons.
▪ TB test with a negative result (per the Residential Care Regulation).
▪ Flu shot or preventative measures as mandated by the Ministry of Health – Community Care Licensing.
▪ COVID-19 vaccinations as mandated by Public Health Order.
▪ A vehicle with business insurance (business insurance must be obtained by employees who as a requirement
of their employment utilize their personal vehicle for transporting persons served, or are doing business on a
regular basis for NACL).
▪ Medical certificate (utilizing the Attending Physician’s Report form) indicating good health, per the Residential
Care Regulation.
▪ Current Ministry of Health recognized first aid certificate including CPR (which must be kept current while
employed with NACL)

Please apply from our website here: https://www.nanaimoacl.com/careers

Job Commitments

This section outlines the commitment expected of a successful applicant.

Job Type & Location

This job is offered under the following conditions:


Job Types

Part Time

Less than 30 hours a week and ongoing.

Business Location

Working Locations


Work on-site at the business location.


Work in multiple locations around the business location.


This job offers the following hours, schedules and shifts:

Weekly Hours Range

2 30

hours per week

Schedule Types

Varies Week-to-Week

Hours change week-to-week within the hour range.

Shift Start Times


Shifts may begin between 7am-11am


Shifts may begin between 11am-4pm


This section outlines the job's remuneration.


This job offers the following wage before taxes and other deductions:

Working on PWD Benefits

If you receive Person With Disabilities Assistance you can earn up to a certain amount after taxes and other deductions without affecting your benefits. For details see Annual earnings exemptions on gov.bc.ca.

Working on CPP Disability Benefits

If you receive Canada Pension Plan disability benefits you must inform Service Canada if earning more than a specific amount per year before taxes and other deductions. Details can be found under the "Doing paid work while receiving CPP disability benefits" heading in Section 5.0 of the Canada Pension Plan disability benefit toolkit.


This job offers the following benefits:




Retirement Plan

Life Insurance

Disability Insurance


This section outlines the job's required capabilities.


Up to 10 lbs pounds

...must be lifted and transported by hand as part of the job.

Physical Position

Negotiable / Flexible

Sitting and standing options are negotiable/flexible, or the job requires a combination of both.



This job requires multitasking.

Example: speaking while entering information into a computer.

Digital Literacy


This role does not require the use of technology.

Repetitive Tasks


This job involves repetitive tasks and/or the same duties daily.



This job requires critical thinking and independent problem-solving.

Example: resolving a customer complaint within company policy.

Workplace Noise


The position is remote or the workplace is silent.

Support & Guidance


Someone is always available to provide support and guidance.

Team Size

Up to 10 peers peers

...are part of the team this role will work with on a daily basis.

Break Flexibility

Negotiable / Flexible

Break structure can be negotiated in collaboration with the employer to ensure it meets their business needs.

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