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What is the Inclusive Employers Hiring HUB?

The Inclusive Employers Hiring HUB is a platform that connects job seekers with disabilities to certified inclusive employers. You can access a job board and apply for jobs posted by employers who are interested in hearing from a diverse group of employees.

What makes the HUB different?

All employers on the HUB have completed training in working with people with disabilities. They have been educated on many aspects of disability, including disability accommodations. You will also have access to job coaches, live support, and relevant resources that will help you find and thrive in a job.

What can I do on the HUB?
As a job seeker with disabilities, you can access the following on the HUB.

  • Job Board: This unique job board has filters for narrowing your job search according to your needs.
  • Apply for Jobs: You can apply quickly for jobs by uploading your resume or using a saved Digital Resume from your profile.
  • Job Seeker Resources: Access helpful links, videos, and downloadable resources to assist you in your job search.
How do I sign up?
Its easy! Remember, you do not need an account to search and apply for jobs. However, when you create an account, you can set up alerts to get newly posted jobs in your email, bookmark jobs to apply for later, and save digital resumes to make applying for jobs easier.
Scroll to the bottom of the page and choose: Click Here to Sign Up for The HUB
What is a Digital Resume and how do I create one?

A Digital Resume is your resume, saved to your account on the HUB. By registering for an account, you can save it and avoid re-uploading a new file every time you want to apply for a job. This quick video will teach you how to make a digital resume on the HUB:

To create a Digital Resume:
Step 1: Click the Digital Resume button on your dashboard.
Step 2: Confirm basic contact information that is pre-filled from your user account. Add a secondary email if you would like someone else to be copied in the notifications sent by the HUB or potential employers (e.g., parents/guardians, case workers, or anyone else helping you with your job search).
Step 3: Select your location and the type of hours you wish to work.
Step 4: If you have one already, you can upload an existing resume.
Step 5: Create multiple resumes for different types of jobs, and choose the most applicable one for each application.

How do I search for jobs?

This quick video will teach you how to search for jobs on the HUB:

Step 1: On the top menu, click Job Board
Step 2: Browse jobs using keywords and filters
Step 3: Click on a job posting to read more
Step 4: If you are interested, click Apply for Job at the bottom of the ad
Step 5: Fill in your personal details, upload a resume and click Send Application
Step 6: For more one-on-one support, click Contact or the help button (?)

Will I get spam, and how private is the platform?

You will receive no spam email if you sign up. The only emails you will receive will be related to managing your account. You are only visible to employers if you create a Digital Resume. To create a Digital Resume, you will need to create an account.

Do I qualify?

This platform and accompanying assistance are for anyone who self-identifies as having a disability. You do not have be eligible for or collect government disability benefits to qualify for our service.

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