About SUPPLY Victoria

SUPPLY Victoria is a nonprofit Creative Reuse Centre that acts as a redistributor for Victoria’s cast-off materials. Like a thrift store for art, office, school supplies, SUPPLY also provides creative reuse education, showing people how to upcycle waste into art and material grants for community-building art projects.
OUR MISSION: To divert materials from the landfill and put them into the hands of artists, students, and teachers in order to craft a more sustainable, creative, and inclusive Victoria.
OUR VISION: To accelerate the adoption of sustainability in Victoria by supplying the materials and knowledge to integrate sustainable thinking into the creative process.
TAGLINE: Crafting a sustainable future.
PHILOSOPHY: Everything we need to create a more sustainable future already exists here on this island. SUPPLY speeds the adoption of sustainability by making it fun, accessible and affordable to create using sustainable materials and principles.

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Website https://supplyvictoria.ca/

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