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Equine Enrichment has been in business since 2012.  Equine Enrichment supports people going through difficult stages of life such as grief, trauma or recovering from addiction.  Horses are partners with the therapist to enable the client to find the deep truths of their situation and to then be able to work through Gestalt Methodology to complete individual pieces of the story.  Horses are sensitive beings and for them to feel safe they will create opportunities for humans to become congruent, meaning that they will encourage the client bring forth what is already being felt in the body.  It is a co-active relationship between the client, therapist and horse and we at Equine Enrichment believe that everyone has their own answers within, and the horse and therapists job is to support the client to find their answers.  When personal work is done from the body to the brain, integration is that much easier.

Angie Payne is the human therapist at Equine Enrichment and her experience includes training in Somatic Experiencing, Hypnotherapy, EAGALA, Hakomi Psychotherapy and is a Counselling Therapist registered with The Association of Counselling Therapist of Alberta (ACTA) and a Certified Equine Gestalt Coach. She is a very heart forward person who spent 25 years in her previous career in corporate Calgary. It has been said “I have never felt as fully seen and heard and when I sit with you and the horses.”

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