Crimson Coast Dance

Crimson Coast Dance

60 Wharf Street, Nanaimo, BC

About Crimson Coast Dance

Crimson Coast Dance Society is a unique organization in Nanaimo, and in Canada as well.  It is one of the only dance presentation companies dedicated to the development, support and presentation of contemporary dance in an area outside of urban areas such as Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver.  We actively engage and pay nationally, internationally and regionally recognized artists and stage technicians to present affordable, accessible productions suited to a variety of tastes and experience.  We offer the presentation of this art form in a variety of settings and through a variety of formats in order to engage as wide a spectrum of our population as possible.

Additionally, we offer career exploration and performing mentorships to teens through coaching and opportunities to dance alongside some of North America’s finest performers.  The opportunity for local students to interact directly with these professionals is not one that can be created in a dance class and provides a true picture of a performer’s life.  It also provides important experience in handling technical rehearsals that are far beyond the scope of rehearsals provided in dance academies.

We have also supported the creation of dances by or for our local professional artists.  This is vital to the growth of these professionals who are, essentially, working without peers.  It also allows the city of Nanaimo a sense of ownership of excellent, export ready artistic performances and artists.

Historically, the Crimson Coast Dance Society grew out of the positive response to “The Yellow Wallpaper and Other Dances”, an evening of contemporary dance produced in 1996 by Holly Bright, with The Nanaimo Arts Council, at Malaspina University Theatre. The production’s success led to the development of Dance on the Crimson Coast, a series of contemporary dance performances in Nanaimo ( incorporated in 1998 as Crimson Coast Dance Society).

Since 1998, the Crimson Coast Dance Society has produced over 300 dance related events.  The events range from formal presentations to informal.  We include the presentation of established Canadian dance artists, Nanaimo based emerging or established dance artists as well as participatory events for people of all ages.  Our events are either ticketed at below national/city average prices or have been offered free of charge/by donation.

Crimson Coast Dance Society has been viewed as a model by the British Columbia Arts Council Dance Section. We have had a relationship with this Provincial Arts funding body since our inception in 1998.  Heritage Canada, Canada Council for the Arts and the Dance Section of the British Columbia Arts Council are behind our work 100% and each continue to provide operating assistance annually.

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