BC Air Guards System Concepts Inc.

Vessel based, presently located in Sidney BC.

About BC Air Guards System Concepts Inc.

BC Air Guards and the 164th Maritime Wing Bravo Company were created in 2016 following the announcement of Canada`s new Ocean Protection Plan.

The blending of navigation disciplines in the marine and aeronautics sectors for career minded and culturally linked guardianship roles of every Indigenous persons in Canada for the delivery of new and elevated Maritime Domaine Awareness missions, utilizing Remotely Piloted Aviation Systems RPAS (UAVs, drones). BC Air Guards-Bravo Company are dedicated vessel based RPAS training providers, working with Vancouver Island Indigenous communities since 2019.

In our Low Altitude Controlled Airspace, LACA facilities located near the Saturna Island light station East Point, program participants will undergo a series of cyclic remote flight training. Flight training evolution from simulators, trainer drones to real life at sea scenarios. Learning in the last tier of the BC Air Guards RPAS flight training program from the deck of our marine surveyed, certified and commercially insured, WorkSafeBC approved, RPAS training ship the M/V Eldi.

Focusing explicitly with Vancouver Island Indigenous nations, BC Air Guards have formed working relationship with the Natural Science and Engineering Research Council of Canada NSERC and affiliated consortium of North American Universities for the complete implementation of our new RPAS training program and unique RPAS mission specifics.

Forming alliances with visionaries.

BC Air Guards and Electric Air and Marine Inc. of Vancouver BC have signed in 2018 a 20 years agreement outlining our training opportunities for remote pilots seeking to work with heavy cargo UAVs, one of the many new arms of opportunity for RPAS in the 21st century.

Incorporated since 2017, BC Air Guards are celebrating our first five years of corporate existence and are in alignment with the Aerospace Industry Association of Canada, AIAC Vision 2025.


Secondary Locations
Location label
427 East Point Rd. Saturna Island
37-132 Menzies Street, Victoria BC

Industry Type: Education


Quiet environment Quiet environment
Positive and supportive environment Positive and supportive environment
Working outdoors Working outdoors
Support-animal friendly Support-animal friendly
Scent-free workplace Scent-free workplace
Low light; natural light Low light; natural light
Break room / quiet room Break room / quiet room
Casual or no dress code Casual or no dress code
Willing to adapt the interview process Willing to adapt the interview process
Ability to schedule around schooling or family and childcare needs Ability to schedule around schooling or family and childcare needs


  • Mental health days
  • Vision care benefits
  • Mental health supports
  • Tuition assistance
  • Professional development training
  • Flex days
  • Competitive wages
  • Career advancement opportunities
  • Free parking

Jobs at BC Air Guards System Concepts Inc.

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